We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service and industry-leading products. Below are just some of the services we offer our customers.
Please note that services offered vary by location.
Full Service Oil Change
The most essential service offered at Castrol Premium Lube Express is an Oil Change for your vehicle featuring Castrol motor oil.
Transmission Service
Replacement of your transmission fluid at the recommended intervals can extend your transmission life and reduce costly repairs.
Radiator Service
Regular replacement of your radiator fluid can reduce overheating problems which can decrease the life of your engine
Power Steering Service
Proper maintenance of your power steering system can reduce problems such as: Harden seals, fluid leakage, and increased steering effort.
Fuel System Maintenance
Maintaining your fuel system will help you maximize your fuel economy while sustaining engine performance.
Tire Rotation/Inflation
Rotating and maintaining your tires properly inflated will decrease premature tire wear/replacement and will increase your fuel economy.
Engine Air Filter Service
It is important to regularly replace your engine air filter. Over time your engine air filter can clog and reduce the amount of air entering the engine, this can affect the performance of your vehicle.
Cabin Air Filter Service
Regular replacement of your cabin air filter can reduce the amount pollen, dust, dirt and other airborne allergens that flow through your air intake system and into your car.
Engine Flush Service
An engine flush service is recommended if you just purchased a vehicle without a maintenance record or if there is sludge or carbon build-up in your engine.
AC Recharging
Keep your AC running cold and efficient, even on the hottest days.
Battery Service
Nothing’s worse than a dead battery. Our battery service can ensure your battery is charged properly and ready to go, so you don’t get stuck out in the cold.
Emissions Testing
Emission system problems can cause poor fuel economy, poor performance and are bad for the environment. We’ll help keep your exhaust system running like new.
Headlight & Bulb
Keep out of the dark with our headlight and bulb service. From dome lights to stop lights, we’ve got it all.
Wiper Blade
When rain and snow make driving difficult, fresh wiper blades give you the visibility you need to focus on the road.
Windshield repair
Repair windshield chips, nicks and cracks. Help prevent further damage and restore the strength without having to remove or replace the glass.
Car Wash
Keep your car looking clean by getting a full service car wash during your next visit. Available at select locations.
Brake Services
Offering services on car brakes
Conduct suspension work
Sell new tires
Belt Repair & Replacement


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