Managing your business performance has never been easier! Make important decisions quickly with easy access to all of your business data via one integrated system.
BP Lubricants and Integrated Services, Inc. (ISI) have partnered to develop a unique and easy-to-use point of sale management system. ISI has customized a version of their popular LubeSoft® software for Castrol Premium Lube Express operators. This system is ideal for both single and multiple unit operators.
LubeSoft POS System
LubeSoft is a complete point of sale management tool for your fast lube operation. Some of the features of include:
  • Multi-workstation capabilities
  • Advanced Cash Management
  • Real-time inventory control
  • Online estimate creation
  • Fleet management
  • Marketing management
Additional features include:
Graphical Interface—Dashboard
Analyze your store’s performance at-a-glance with easy-to-read dashboard dials and color-coded displays with green for performance at or above the target, yellow for performance near your target and red for performance below the desired target.
Customize Your Dashboard
Customize your dashboard with the information you need to manage your stores. The tool allows you to select what sales items and services are displayed on the Dashboard dials and grids.
Real-Time Reports
The Dashboard’s real-time reports deliver sales figures, ticket averages and car counts which can be accessed from any of your locations during any time of day. The real-time reports also allow you to compare the day’s current statistics to historical data.
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