While each and every Castrol Premium Lube Express is individually owned and operated, they are all held to the highest standards of customer service — and all strive to provide every guest with a comfortable and professional experience. To make this happen we do our best to ensure you:
  • Feel comfortable at all times
  • Receive professional, speedy service from our friendly staff
  • Have any questions or concerns addressed quickly
  • Make informed maintenance decisions


"After 30 years of using Castrol, I found Castrol to be the world's best oil. I had tried many other oils but, Castrol made the difference and helped keep my engines together. Thank you Castrol for all the years of having faith in your products."
– Tinker Gladden Racing from Salisbury, MD
"I have a 1991 Toyota Camry with 221,000 miles. The paint is starting to go, but the engine is solid. I have used Castrol GTX since it was new. I've changed the oil every 3,000 without fail. Even at 221k, it still only uses less than a half quart between oil changes."
– Dennis from Lafayette, CA
"I have a 1979 F150 with a 351 engine and I was on my way home and it started to overheat. I have a true temperature gauge in the truck and by the time I got to my home it was pegged on 280 degrees. I know the only thing that saved my engine was the Castrol 10w 40 motor oil in it. Thank you for a great oil."
– Mitchell from Muncie, IN


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